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September 29, 2009


Quality Weenie

So how long before you start pissing and moaning about being a working stiff like the rest of us? Well ok, like the rest of the un-unemployed?


I don't think I'll be doing that anytime too soon. Considering what is out there right now, I've pretty much won the lottery with this gig.

Mike the Marine

Oh dude... couldn't you have relocated farther south? The Wif's family is in North Mexico... er... Brownsville... and we go down there on the semi-regular. Greenville is just north of Dallas and just west of Bumf@ck, Egypt. Well, maybe I can scam a trip to the JRB and do a drive-by. They seem to do no small number of conferences out there these days. Hope the new jobby-job is all dat.

And dude, if you don't git yerself that flag... FAIL.

Mike the Marine


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