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September 07, 2009


Ron Layko


I would love to hear more about the motorcycle adventure, as I'm sure your mom would too. It had to be good, it was totally illegal (a 'good time' adventure requirement). Congrats on the retirement.




Yup, I hear about these "adventures" long after the fact. In a way, that's better than knowing you're off doing those lame brain things. At least you're still alive to tell about it. Thank the Good Lord for that. You know He protects babies, innocents, and idiots.

Also, love the last flight photos. I even like seeing those from Afghanistan, even though seeing and hearing about what you experienced is too terrible to think about.

However, I'm very proud of you for doing the job you did and despise anyone who would criticize the war effort.


Cuz, the high side of triple digits. Picture shooting through a scene of any vietnam war movie on a Honda VFR400 at speed. I took a year off the life of that bike in 20 minutes, probably mine too.

Murph-Wa (Actual)

Smokin-wa (Actual),

Congrats, old friend. Glad to have been a part of some of your memories.

Call soonest... would love to hear about your new provisional gig.

Fair winds, my friend... fair winds....


Quality Weenie

Congrats and Thank-You for your service Smokin!


Thank the Good Lord for that

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