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April 30, 2009


Ron Layko

That first paragraph had me laughing my ass off and definitely brought back some real good memories of simpler times. Thanks for the smile.



Cuz, if I can finagle a trip up to the land of round on the ends and hi in the middle, we will have to go to Raybucks for an afternoon of beers and bluegill abuse. According to Google, the pond is still there.


I have been cravin' pan fried bluegill for about 15 years now. The only thing from my marriage I miss.

Damn.........but I will admit, catchin' bass is more fun. But bluegill tastes much better!

Glad you're enjoying yourself!


I grew up eating them pan fried too, in of all things, Betty Crocker Pancake Mix. A dredge in B.C. then a light dusting with salt and pepper is surprisingly good. Since these many years with the Department of Defense, I have come to use and prefer House Autry. Mostly because we've lived in Miss., N.C., and Fla. and that's all we could find. Anyway, House Autry works great on catfish, gator, rattlesnake, bass and nearly anything else you could run across needin killin. It's good stuff. Here's how I fix mine:

3/4 cup House Autry Seafood Breader
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp Black Pepper
1/4 tsp garlic powder
3 - 6 brim fillets or about a 1/2 LBS of anything else you kilt (fresh).

Mix the dry ingredients in a cereal bowl.

Melt 1/4 stick butter and a slash of olive oil in a pan, just a tick higher than medium heat. Enough for the butter to sizzle slightly.

Coat the dry, cleaned, fillets in the breading mix and fry in the pan for a minute or two on each side. Long enough to be golden brown/slightly brown on each side.
This dish goes exceedingly well with a side of fried taters and onions, and a cucumber-tomato salad.
About 14 Molsen's doesn't hurt either.

Quality Weenie

Fishing, ah that brings back some horrible memorys of grandma's house.

Still can't eat fish to this day unless its square and breaded and comes out of a box.


QW, that's too bad. We had great times growing up catching and chowing down.


Thanks for the tips Smokin’, got a Rapala but not in Gold, gots to gets me one.

I’ll try the recipe too, I usually just flour and egg wash it.

Great pics and nice catchin’, I’m very envious and reading to get my line wet myself. Though the bass will have to wait, the Pike are biting this time of year around these parts (Western Upstate NY).

Quality Weenie

Here's a tip ... worms, there free round these parts. But once they get all dried and crispy you'll have to fight the dogs for them. The dogs love them some worm jerky.

And noise coming from a rear end, no matter what type of rear end is bad news.


Tim, depending on light and water clarity, we usually switch back and forth between the gold and silver Rapala's and see what works better. Sometimes it's silver in low light and gold mid-day, sometimes opposite. Sometimes it's plain ole worms too.
If you're near the Thousand Islands area, I'm jealous. That area has to rock fishing wise.
I highly recommend trying some Bisquick or any other reasonable pancake mix as a fish breader base. Add some salt, pepper, a little garlic powder. Egg wash is a personal choice. The question is how thick do you want the breading to be. Egg wash makes it thicker. As flight surgeons nag me in an ever increasing manner, anything that decreases fried breading helps me. But do not heal to my lead on that if you lack the need. Eat a stick of butter, club a seal, burn a tire and bread your fish in a loaf of wonder bread. God Bless ya.
Rapala Originals are fairly inexpensive lures compares to what else is out there right now too.
QW. Worms yeah I know. Worms are the second highest expense for us in Canada after beer and back bacon. And whiskey too. Okay, they're somewhere in there around the toilet paper level.
Hey, you live in Michigan, isn't the worm your state bird?
Just so you know, I have completed the Grande GM Vs. Ford drive off and after 10 years, I'm going back to Ford Trucks. The Expedition has outlasted and outperformed the GMC in nearly every category. Less Maint., less crap and BS. My next truck will be a Ford, AND IT WILL ROCK AS NOTHING BEFORE HAS EVER ROCKED!!!!
Stop letting your dogs eat worms. That's not right.


I hadn't tried the BC. I use dry Drakes. Kinda corn mealy.

I'll put that on my list. If I ever get Blue Gill again........blue gill and venison back strap. Damn....sometimes I really miss the "old days".


Word on the street is if you do get to Raybuck's, practice C&R due to mercury...and the old Carbon & Limestone, like the dwarfes in Fellowship of the Ring, dug too deep and hosed the entire aquafer around there.

I seem to recall Hungry Jack more than BC or Bisquick, but any would work in a pinch.

And for the wive's purchasing it is the number 11 and 13 original floating Rapalas. If you can find one from about 10, 15 years ago, they're much better. Rapala changed the design lately where they added a bit of a hump behind the eyes. Not as effective as the older design, but still very good. I'll add the blue scheme to gold and silver for more southern waters, which seem to match up better with the shad we have around here. Striper seem to like it better anyway.

No comment on the Rapala knot. . .you know who you are!


Thanks for the tips Smokin’, got a Rapala but not in Gold, gots to gets me one.

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