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February 13, 2009



About damned time you posted!! Hell, I found a job, moved cross country and did a month a training since we've heard from you!


Congrats on the thousand hour patch. I guess that gives you a pass on the whole blogging thing!


Good to see you're still kicking...


Quality Weenie

Nice to see your still on the green side!

Mike the Marine

Those steins are f@$king sweet. I may need me one. And seriously man, for chrissake, you need to post WAAAY more often than once every fiscal quater...


MtM just beat me to the 1/4ly posting line.

Dude.....we miss ya! Hope everything is goin' alright!

Mike the Marine

'k... seriously, dude. Shouldn't you have like WAAAY more time on your hands right now? I told you I expected more blogging once you threw off the rusty shackles of DoD, so what the hell?

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