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November 03, 2008



I agree I agree I agree. When I was up north the end of October in WI I say 2-1 McCain. Wisconsin...who they claimed for the Oman long ago.

And in Illinois? Outside of Chicago the man is nada. Nothin'. Shit.

Bad news is, Chicago. They got enough there to offset the rural areas. Afterall, those farmers are workin'. It's harvest time.

But I'm with you - based on what I've seen in my travels, I'm thinkin' we may pull this one out....


Well shit, dude. Looks like we were both wrong.....damnit

Mike the Marine

Dude... just... dude...

Ahhhhhh... f@ck...

I guess I better go buy some more guns and Bibles to cling to.

And booze. This is gonna take A LOT of booze.


Quality Weenie

Michigan can suck my ass, it's almost as liberal as Chicago now with the dumocrats taking a huge strangle hold. Michigan is fucked even more then they were.

It's funny though that Michigan's gun laws are as great as they are and nobody will touch them except to make them even better.


Man, I don’t visit for a couple weeks & bam! Three effing posts!?!

Per the bumper stickers, I’m from the Republic of NY (Western) and there were not many for either candidate. Rather strange.

Took my McCain sticker off first thing this morning. Didn’t want to be like those jacka$$’who leave ‘em on forever, like the “Kerry ’04” I just saw last week, a$$hole loser.

It's going to be a long fucking four years my friends.


Soooooo.... QW will you be rooting for Ohio State then this year?

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