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October 29, 2008



Smokin - I had a feeling you would like that military friends email. I'm honored that you would share it with the faithful. Tell the family that we said hello. Shame on both of us for not picking up the damn phone more often (my version of a subtle hint).


Well, I ain't scared. Hell...I'm honored. Still owe you that drink.

Quality Weenie

I am honored in a wierd kind of a way.


You all do ME the honor of coming here and being honest. That is the crux. There is no room in our lives in uniform for political correctness. None. Only a GO facing the public can get away with it. The closeness in which we live, the challenges we face make the veil of political correctness (AKA- LYING) unusable to all but the lowlifes, who get found out and shitcanned. We see that veil of PC for the underhandedness that it is and despise it.
I thank my regular readers.

OT- This new typepad platform sucks hot wet cat shit out of a garden hose. Takes an hour to type one paragraph. Someone unprepared for a torrent of well elucidated profanity is going to get a lesson in Olde English Privateer tomorrow. Mark my words mateys.

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