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September 01, 2008


Mike the Marine

So THIS represents the level of importance that is required for you to come out from under your rock, eh? Good Christ man, the Olympics, the Ruskies startin' a war, Marines beatin' that ass in AFG, and not a peep. What's it gonna take to draw comment from you after this? An Obama victory followed by a Hillary Supreme Court appointment, coupled with Billy Jeff being seated as head of the UN?!... ugh... I just threw up in my mouth a little...


Yeah I know, I was really upset about the rust.

tim aka Lands'nGrooves

"The itch to go back to Ford is mounting."

Ya' see Smokin, that your mistake right there, going away from Ford. Welcome back.


Yeah, any king cab V-8 will do, as long as it isn't Mary Kay pink. I'd paste it all over with Realtree anyway, if you can get me a good deal on the Mary Kay pink one.


Hey Smokin,

Good to see you found the power switch on the computer. Almost four months without a post? What the fuck? I would like to take this time to express my deepest condolences regarding the #8LaykoLabatt'sBlueBenelliTrojanMagnumCondomGMC. She had a good run. Try to concentrate on the good times you've had together, that might help.



Damn...I have to remember NOT to drink something before I read the comments over hear. Thanks to Mike I have to clean the monitor...again.

Good to hear from you, what EVER the cause is. Palin ROCKS and she is, hands down, the future hope for this country....


'If she can face down and kill a moose, she's got Biden's number.'

Just so long as they're now allowing automatic weapons in VP debates. Which would certainly make the whole spectacle more entertaining.

Becky Krizan

Aw, it's not that hard - FINDING them (the moose) is the hardest.... Fish & Game puts the season in late August, first week of September - when the leaves are still on the trees - thicker than thieves. Did you know moose have no front shoulder joint? That's why their front shoulders are so huge & muscular - first time I helped my husband field dress our moose, he had me do the front shoulder - and after the deer back home, I was NOT looking forward to it! I was quite amazed how easy it was.... he got quite a kick out my expression.
We are ever so glad you like our favorite lady from up here..... we do too! If it wasn't for the fact we believe she'll do so much good for this entire country, we would NEVER let her go - just keep finding positions to elect her to! Yes, she hunts moose, but that is not that uncommon up here.... I guess it's wierd for us seeing how you all think it's so unusual! The most unusual and best thing about Sarah is her toughness, and directness of speech. What you see, is exactly what you get.
If you really want to have some fun, and blow away your local liberals, Google "Alaska Girls Kick A**" bumper sticker, and get one.
At first, about 5 years ago, it was printed up as a fund-raiser for DeeDee Jonrowe, very famous Dog musher and Iditarod Race Champion, (also VERY admired) who got cancer, and these bumper stickers were a way to help her raise the money to pay for her chemo. Worked, too - she's in remission, and has been for quite a while. Lots of us up here still put them on our cars with pride!
The day that Sarah got nominated to be VP candidate, we all turned around and looked at our car's bumpers, and started ordering tons of them to send to our friends and relatives "outside" (lower 48).
Oh, yeah - "Alaska Girls Kick A**" (Um, on the bumper sticker - there's no astericks) And I think part of the money still goes to support Cancer Research - look up DeeDee Jonrowe's web-page, and it will probably tell you.
I do hope you all get to know Sarah Palin alot better. Yeah, she's awesome!

Quality Weenie

You post and I don't find out until a month later, man I have been lax on my checking in.

Oh and remember, when you do finally go back to the only truck company that matters I can get you the family/friends discount. Just let me know.

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