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April 03, 2008



Smokin', I wish you ONLY the very best of everything. Good luck in your search, I wish I could help but I have no contacts at all in that field.

And so you know....I'll keep clickin' over here - just in case. Like I keep tellin' you...you can't lose me that easy!!!

Quality Weenie

I oh so look forward to next April when you can let loose!

Good Luck with finding a job, especially in an industry cutting people faster then Hillary cutting Obama.


So whad’a trying to say, posting will be lighter than…sporadic?

Like Tammi & Weenie said, looking forward to next April and I’ll keep coming back to check.

Good luck, Semper Fi & thank you for your service Sir.


Sometimes known as Lands’nGrooves


Thanks guys, even a single click on the meter says a rant is reaching someone. God bless and Semper Fi.

mostly cajun

Life goes on, and you do the best with what you've got...

If you leave the thing up, I'll still drop by a couple of times a week to see if you've taken the time to catch us up on your version of life.

do keep us posted. You don't have to be like Shakespeare or something, just a few lines, like "I just got an interview in Podunk, Iowa as the chief expeditor of "widgets on the the run".

And we'll be properly happy and sympathetic, and all that...

But anyway, good luck!


Mike the Marine

Greetings from the suck! Well, almost the suck - Qatar. At least here there's still beer. Only 3 a night, but still...

I'll be off to Iraqistan in a few days. I hope that your future endeavors bring you closer to my humble abode (wherever that may be!), as you'll always have a place at Casa de Mike. I can only image the unholy shite-storm that will be unleashed when you hit the private sector. God help us all. Especially your future co-workers, who have not CLUE ONE just what the hell they're in for...


Mike, Qatar is plenty far into the SUCK. Watch your ass there bro. Your haircut will give you away.
Cajun, Thanks man. I'm still in recovery after my last Ryan's muffallata. If there is a 5000' strip near you with a close by place for good chow and a coffee, please let me know.
I'll put it on my list.


I shall miss you, Sir. Thought about buying yourself a small cargo plane and doing short hops for UPS or somebody?

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