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April 12, 2008



Fuck 'em.


hehe. . .Uncle Smokin Potty Mouth!


That's fuckin' funny.

You? Foul language?!

hehehe...you don't need 'em anyway. You got us!


Damn right. The website is hosted by a UAE company and only a handfull of posters there know enough to do their own reloading without blowing their own face off. Good riddance I say. I'm done with them.

Quality Weenie

They think that is foul language?

Hell, I say worse by 9am each day.


Mike the Marine

Dude, how could you let him off so light? That wasn't foul language, that was being conversational. If assclown had come down here, THEN he might have been familiarized with some foul language.


That's your typical muzzie reaction to the brickbat of truth. Shred their propaganda, show them for what they are, and you get banned for naughty words.


fucktards. hope they drown in thir own shit. you did the right thing.


Lancet article discredited by who? Another baby-killer? If you morons tried to war against anybody but 3rd worlders, women & children you'd get an ass whuppin'. As for 3,000 murdered, bullshit. Al Qaida publically declared war on the US in 1995 and the towers were (past tense LMAO) a bona fide strategic targets. BTW, why were so many CEO's not at work that morning in the towers? Off on Dubya-leave, eh?

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